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Feather Light M2M Massage in Almere

Man 2 Man massages in Almere

What is Feather Light MEN2MEN Massage?


This is a massage art, unique and modern because it is my own creation. It is inspired by ancient Thai performance dance, where shoulders, arms, hands and fingers are used in slow movements.


It is full of energy with the long connecting softly strokes, press, push, repeat, pitchfork and slide deep-tissue massage and other movements where I combine basic traditional Thai massage techniques that I learned from my grandmother and Tantra massage.

feather light services

Foot cleaning, hands massage and special butt massage are inclusive services during all massages.

My Feather Light massage is however still different than the traditional Thai massage with the hard and heavy strokes; I use my whole body with softly strokes with the underarm, the hands and the fingers.

Close your eyes and imagine a bird’s feather that is soft and light, blowing breezes on your naked skin!!! This is my massage technique that I will use on you.

Start from toe to top and top to toe, my body stays continually in contact with your body from start until the end of the therapy.

Hereby a big energy contact and exchange will take place between the two of us. Especially the powerful exchange of male energy is a boost to your wellbeing.

I am sure, you never experienced my massage techniques from anybody elsewhere before.



masseur tong

about masseur Tong

Your Masseur: Tong


My name is Tong. I am from Thailand and I live in The Netherlands for over 3 years now.

I learned basic traditional Thai massage from my grandmother from when I was very young. 

From 2002 I start my new experience being masseur at an exclusive men's spa in my country, Smart Bank.

My clients need pure relaxing, sensational massage after their busy working day.

I learned many massage techniques and my clients shared their experience what them need, so… I know What A Man Wants!


The most importants in my service are privacy & discretion/secrecy.


Everything on the massage moment will be on professional way, we will connect body to body, sensation feeling with honestly and gentle service mind, trust each other and never forget hospitality exclusive service.

Because my massage is not sexual massage. 


If your expect a 'happy ending' massage you'd better choose another masseur.

masseur tong


1. Relaxing Feather Light Massage


  • Foot cleaning 

  • Full body massage
  • Long soft strokes using the lower arms, hands and fingers
  • Subtle frictions
  • Mix massage techniques
  • Energy exchange using maximum body contact in total body

Attention for energy points (chakra's)

2. Secrets of Feather Light Massage


  • Foot cleaning
  • Long soft strokes using the lower arms, hands and fingers
  • Subtle frictions 
  • Mix massage techniques
  • Energy exchange using maximum body contact in total body

Attention for energy points (chakra's)

The Secrets of Feather Light Massage adds: sensational massage in specific secret areas of the body (butt/anus/prostate and penis)




Relaxing Feather Light Massage


- 90 min. a € 100,-

- 120 min. a € 130,-

Body2Body Massage (extra) € 20,-


Secrets of Feather Light Massage


- 90 min. a € 150,-

- 120 min. a € 180,-

Body2Body Massage (extra) € 20,-


Outcall service = Mix or Relaxing and Secrets massage

- 90 min.€ 180,-

- 120 min. € 210,-

Body2Body Massage (extra) € 20,- 


Please pay for your massage in cash before massage starts… Thank you!


The Feather Light M2M Massage Parlour


Welcome to my place: a beautiful penthouse building in The Netherlands in modern style in a peaceful, quiet and beautiful neighbourhood in Almere. 

After you walk into my house, I will offer you a welcome drink upon your choice.

My living room is my massage parlour.


From here you have a panoramic view of Flevoland/Oostvaardersplassen. 

The natural light through the curtains is the light when massage time without darkness light room.

Please accept this massage parlour style before choice me. 

You will be familiar with it and like same you sit at home and talk with your best friend and not disappointed with it.


After you feel comfortable, you can have a shower. You can use my shower room and separate toilet. I will invite you to sit in a comfortable chair and start with cleaning your feet first.

On this moment start the time of the massage.

On the massage parlour, you will have towel covering your nude body only and I will be opened only for the massage area, my massage outfit is tank top and short pants.


Almere-Buiten Eilandenbuurt.

± 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam Center

Free parking in front of the building

Bus nr. 7 from Almere Centrum Station or Almere Oostvaarders Station

Bus stop at Eilandenbuurt Zuid (± 7 min. walk)

Phone :

+31 6 25 55 46 67


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